2 Free installations of our AI tool “Sara”

6th March 2024

Our AI Chat GPT tool is now in alpha – we are offering it to two companies for free

The product – Saraswati

Saraswati (Sara) is a tool that allows you to use Slack and GPT 3.5 to query your own documentation and see results that make it feel like you are talking to an intelligent assistant.

How does it work

As it uses a LLM you can be even more creative with your questions – “write an email to a prospective client explaining our value proposition”. “Write a message to a new staff member explaining how we perform our monthly career development meetings”

Typical use cases

  • Querying ISO 27001 documentation
  • Making company procedures and policies easier to navigate
  • Searching project code / documentation
  • Grant applications – you can ask Sara to write grant answers based on your data

For more information please see the Saraswati case study

Apply for a free installation

We are offering two Saraswati installations for free. A value of £500 – £5000.*

If you think your company would benefit from Saraswati please apply below. We will choose 2 companies on March 31st.

    Current chat program

    *excluding hosting fees of approximately £50 a month depending on usage