Our Story

Secret Source was set up in 2014 by old school friends Richard Clarke and Mark Bjornsgaard and veteran tech legend Ted Stresen Reuter.

Our goal was to create a nearshore development team people loved working with and to build the most creative space for programmers in the entire universe.

nearshore development team

Our Mission

We believe the secret to delivering quality work comes from everyone working together and enjoying every step of the way.

And it seems to be working… we now number over 25 with 95% staff retention, and we get to work with some really cool people. British Gas, Cole and Son, Barclays and Experian to name just a few.

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We believe ...

happy developers write really great code

Our culture is based around staff happiness. Flexitime, remote working and continual professional development are just some of the things we offer all our staff. We believe the happier our team the better the results.

in long-term relationships over one project stands

A relationship takes time to mature and develop. We believe we offer the most value when we work as part of our clients’ teams, offering long term benefit over quick fixes.

great customer service is non-negotiable

Customer happiness is one of our main KPIs. We measure it every month on a RAG scale and make sure every project is always green.

collective wisdom is exponentially better than the wisdom of the individual

Collaboration is the key for any project to be a success. We work together with our clients in one close-knit team to make sure when we build solutions they are not just what our clients want but also what they need.

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So what's the secret sauce of Secret Source?

Without question… Our team.
They’re the best. We’ve got super-talented designers, our developers dream in code and our PMs and Account Managers are the nicest, most organised people you’ll ever meet.

And if you hadn’t noticed, we’re based in paradise – mid-winter meetings near the beach? Just one more reason clients love working with us. If you’re going to outsource, outsource to a nearshore development company you really want to visit, in the Canaries.

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And Finally...

We’re sort of obsessed with Star Wars so when we were asked to define our spirit animal, something that embodies who we are – it had to be R2.

Reliable and trustworthy, R2 is the ultimate confidant. Agile and flexible enough to work through solutions under pressure, R2 remains cool and calm and even maintains a sense of humour.

Coffee Cup R2