3 reasons your company needs to use automated marketing

13th October 2017

Stop shouting at your audience and start having more meaningful conversations – one visitor at a time

automated marketingAutomated marketing has come a long way from the days of mass email blasts and one size fits all offers. The discipline is far more sophisticated nowadays. And so are consumers, who can quickly identify what lands in their inbox or social media feeds, only spending time on information that addresses their own individual needs.

What is automated marketing?

To meet increasingly complex demands, automated marketing tools offer businesses the chance to engage with prospects like never before – creating personalised emails, product recommendations, lead scoring, nurturing and audience segmentation based on browsing history or value. Next level analytics recognise buyer intention and can even record the name, company and email of almost every visitor to your website.

Who’s doing it?

Large or small, most successful companies now use automated marketing strategies – and are reaping the rewards with an average increase in sales of over 30%, But many businesses are still holding out – considering automation too expensive, technically demanding or time-consuming.

The truth about automated marketing

It’s easy to see why some small or medium sized firms – already stretched with existing marketing activities – might think this. But the truth couldn’t be more different.

1. Automation is not expensive

Increased competition has brought pricing down considerably over the last two years. And when you consider 80% of companies using automation see an increase in conversions and a 12% saving on marketing spend, it starts to look positively cost-effective.

2. The learning curve is not steep

The latest automation tools have been developed with user experience in mind and are ‘point and click’ simple. Leading platforms – like the one we use, SharpSpring – are no more difficult to navigate and manage than a Facebook page or Google Analytics account.

3. It’s a massive time saver

74% of companies using automated marketing say it saves them time. Rather than wasting hours duplicating content, re-writing email campaigns or tweaking complex sign-up forms, automating some of these time-consuming tasks means set things up once, then leaving them to do their thing.

Why every company should be automating their marketing

Marketing Automation‎Automation gives business the tools to try out new ideas and manage precise data – like sending emails, lead scoring or nurturing and advanced analytical processes – at the click of a button.

Secret Source is an approved partner with SharpSpring – one of the most advanced automated marketing platforms on the web. SharpSpring is a real game-changer, offering powerful marketing and analytical tools within a platform that’s user-friendly, cost-efficient and already helping thousands of companies increase their marketing ROI

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