What is the best content management system for your next project

21st August 2017

What is the best CMS for my new website?

What is the best CMS for your new website. Content management systemOK, so you’re ready to launch your new business and put your service or products online. The first thing you need is a website and for most new companies that means choosing the best CMS (content management system) to build and manage it with.

If you’re not familiar with content management systems the best known are probably WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Squarespace and Wix, but there are many more. Deciding on the best CMS for your website can be a tough call. With so many factors to consider including flexibility, having the right tools for your needs, search engine optimisation and of course security – which is probably the single biggest concern for any website owner these days.

But which CMS is the most secure?

A recent study into online security – backed by the Australian government – showed one CMS outperformed the others by a long way in terms of safety. The report, which was presented at a recent cyber security conference in Canberra, found WordPress to be the most secure platform for businesses using a content management system.

That backs up what developers have been saying for years; that for any new business, with more important things to do than spend their lives updating the company website. WordPress is the perfect tool.

The single biggest advantage identified by the research – which looked at thousands of Australian business websites – is the ability of WordPress to automatically update its core elements and plugins. This makes it far easier to keep a WordPress-based site secure from hackers and cyber attack – 2 major worries for any business online .

Why is WordPress the safest CMS for startups

As any developer will tell you, content management systems – like Drupal and Joomla – can be tricky to keep updated, even for professionals. And as a recent article on tech news site ZDNet noted, most non-techie business owners are way too busy to make a regular commitment to keeping their websites secure.

According to ZDNet’s cyber-crime analyst, WordPress – which now powers more than a quarter of all websites – offers a secure and virtually hands-free solution. Once live a site built with WordPress will remain safe from all but the most determined attack, updating itself automatically and repelling potential threats.

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