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Despite being a relatively new kid on the block, Maximus has grown quickly to become one of the top 10 outdoor advertising agencies in the UK. They lead the sector in the provision of large, non-conventional and often iconic locations for premium billboard style campaigns.

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As part of a major rebranding project – which included a change of company name – Maximus were clear what they wanted from their new website: 

“An emphasis on the independent culture and disruptive reputation of the company, that would sit comfortably among more established companies in the sector.”

Maximus main page


With scale and location playing an important part in their business offering, our goal was to reflect the visual impact Maximus make on the ground, with a website that matched their vision. We designed and built a beautiful mobile first responsive site that was both quick to load and stimulating to view.

We developed a custom-built ‘lazy load’ Ajax template, allowing us to incorporate large, high definition images and videos, without compromising on page loading speeds or mobile design.

maximus mobile version


We continue to work with Maximus as they expand their website offerings.