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Developing a user-centric, multilingual app to integrate with a new non-invasive device to test for pre-eclampsia.

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Salurate are the developers of an award-winning, low-cost device which tests for pre-eclampsia, a condition affecting around 8% of pregnant women. Left untreated it can result in high blood pressure, severe sickness and even death.

Their single use, non-invasive kit delivers the first reliable method of testing for pre-eclampsia, without the need for needles or trained medical staff.

With the long-term goal of delivering a free service for women to test themselves, using nothing more than a sample of their own saliva, Salurate wanted an app to manage user data, communicate with a central database and alert GPs when a patient was in danger. Their more immediate problem was addressing a high drop off rate in clinical trials, which sat at more than 50%.

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We took an agile approach to the project, making incremental adjustments throughout the lifetime of the build based on user feedback and collaboration with the device makers.

For the interface we developed and refined an intuitive user journey using React Native, with a backend built in Laravel for robustness and scalability.

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Among test groups using the app drop off rates fell to under 5%. This delivered sufficient data to validate fresh clinical trials and further pilot schemes by health authorities in Denmark and China.


Nigel Clarke - CEO Salurate / Morgan Innovation and Technology

Diversification is key and having a tech partner like Secret Source – who we can turn to for anything we’re not able to manage in-house – is vital in helping us secure new business, enter new markets and remain competitive.

Their deep understanding and flexible approach helped transform a brilliant idea into a life-saving product.