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Supply Pilot

Supply Pilot bridges the gap in the client feedback loop providing retailers with insights into what their customers really think of their products. Our dedicated team has built the main Supply Pilot platform, Modio.

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Supply Pilot helps retailers work closer with their suppliers providing tools to monitor feedback, product development and quality. To manage their range of products, Supply Pilot had traditionally employed in-house programmers. However, with growing costs of IT in the UK and a difficulty recruiting people with the profile they required, Supply Pilot decided to build an external IT team to work alongside their CTO and product manager. The brief included maintaining their current systems and building their flagship software platform, Modio.


Secret Source have built a team of seven developers specialised in Node, React and Azure. In addition we provide UX / UI resource and devops developers on demand. 


After many years of working with an in-house development team, in 2019 Supply Pilot moved to a fully remote team for the first time. The transition took 4 months and has been a huge success. The Secret Source team now consists of seven senior and intermediate developers, one data scientist and a UX / UI designer on demand.

Modio – Serverless solutions using Azure

Supply Pilot used to store customer data in an Oracle database that was difficult to use and load into their BI tool Tableau. We created a Serverless ETL architecture in Azure which collects data from a variety of sources, including bespoke integrations with retailer databases, and saves it into a warehouse. The data is then cleaned and aggregated in Snowflake. We provide data analyst support in order to query the data and produce insights using Tableau for dashboards and visualisations.

The system uses flexible filters to allow users to select the data they require, and has multiple permission levels.

It is used by Walmart, Sainsburys, John Lewis and most other retailers in the UK, US and Australia. 

Technologies: Node.js, React.js, Azure functions, Azure logic apps, Snowflake, Tableau


Mark Fowkes - CEO (2020)

S4RB started it’s journey to find an nearshore provider two years before finding Secret Source, and after a failed attempt with another provider we learnt a number of valuable lessons. We realised how important it was to have a personal relationship to a provider that was critical to our success. 

Secret Source were  upfront and honest with us from the start and that transparency has continued. With their commitment and clear communication we have succeeded and see a long term partner of the business.



Over the next year we will be building new products and expanding the existing range of features on their live systems. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship together.