FilmApp v4 launched on new Apply4 platform

1st June 2016

After almost 1 year of development and many late nights and long weekends, today we launched the new version of FilmApp based on the new Apply4 platform.


Over the last year our great Ruby on Rails team here at Secret Source, helmed by Yeray have been rebuilding FilmApp, EventApp and WorksApp on the new Apply4 platform, converting the existing .NET website. The new Apply4 platform allows the construction of fully customisable permit application forms from a new admin interface. Local councils and governments can create their own bespoke forms with custom alerts, conditional questions and conditional alerts with a inbuilt custom document management, internal messaging, reporting and reminders system.

Apply4 will be expanding rapidly over the next year. It will be launching with select locations in London and will launch in Bath, Liverpool and Florida within the next month and to almost 100 more local councils throughout the UK and USA during 2016.

If you’d like any further information on Apply4 or our great Ruby on Rails team please don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call.