Free UNLIMITED English classes from January 2022

29th November 2021

One of the main questions we get during our interviews is …

“Do I need to speak perfect English to work at Secret Source?”

People see all our communication is in English and that our clients only speak English, so it’s a reasonable concern.

However, the answer is no, you do not need to speak perfect English, but the better English you have the easier you will find your work and the better you will be able to communicate.

At Secret Source we don’t only value technical ability, we also value ownership and leadership and communication skills. We believe that we get the best outcomes when there is a very high level of collaboration within in each team and between our team and our clients. For this high level of collaboration to occur it is necessary for everyone to be able to communicate what they want, when they want, in English.

We also understand that many people haven’t worked in an English company before or have never had the opportunity to live in the UK, so we invest a lot of time helping our team improve their English so that they can enjoy their work more.

We have always offered free English lessons to our team however we’ve been told they want to improve more so from now we will be investing more in our English education.

From January 2022 everyone in Secret Source will get:

  • UNLIMITED group English classes
  • UNLIMITED English exercises 
  • UNLIMITED access to speciality courses, such as writing emails, software development and working in Agile teams
  • Personalised development programs so they can set goals and measure their progress.

And, for those that need extra help, we will fund private classes too. And also, for those that want to take the extra step and get official external certification, we will help prepare you for the exam and fund it too.

So … if you’re interested in joining Secret Source but worried your English is not up to the level you need, don’t worry, in no time you’ll be speaking like the Queen.

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