It’s Valentine’s Day so we asked our team what they love about Secret Source

14th February 2022
Cover What we love about working at Secret Source

I like to think Secret Source is a little special, a bit different to many companies out there. Every day we strive to make everyone we work with, our team and our clients as happy as they can be. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and what drives us every day. So, on this day of love we’ve asked our team what they love about Secret Source, what brings them joy.


I would say, mainly what I love about Secret Source is it’s community. Being a Canarian with foreign parents has not always been easy. Being surrounded by all the colleagues in the company who are from different parts of the world, and who are wonderful company, make me feel included and accepted for who and what I am.

Richard, our founder

I love just coming to the office and hanging out with our lovely team, I love it when I see someone grow and get promoted, I love it when people tell me when they’re happy. To me, what brings me the most joy is seeing our team be the best they can be and enjoy it. When I see someone happy it brings a huge smile to my face.


I feel that I have been lucky enough to be part of a formidable team, people who not only care about the stability of the project but about my own psychological health.

Nayra, our head of HR

I love being involved in all stages of the employee life cycle. From sourcing the right profiles, making successful hires, welcoming them into the different teams and watch them develop. I love to help them adapt their work commitments as their personal circumstances change and ultimately I even love being there when they move on to other challenges or a well deserved rest.


I love how transparent the company is and how I always get a clear answer to any question that I have.

Rachel, our CEO

Other people on my team finding joy in their work brings ME joy.  Either through doing a great job, getting excellent results or overcoming personal challenges, I love seeing my team thrive.


I love working in a healthy environment with nice people. Secret Source cares about including everyone and diversity. To me,  it is important that we have  a flexible schedule and because of this we can finish our work earlier one day and later the next.

Ted, our CTO

For me, it’s seeing people grow and become better and do tasks that I used to do but with the same level of quality or even better. That brings me deep joy!


Trust – SeSo trust in the teams and the teams trust in SeSo. We don’t have any problem giving and receiving feedback because, when giving or receiving feedback on anything, it is always for a common objective: Grow and become better. To get it we need to trust in each other.

Friendship – We try to be a small big family. Even if we don’t meet each other every day, we are friendly people and it is a pleasure when you meet or start a conversation with anyone in the company.

Fellowship – Everyone is more than happy to help anyone without any problem.

Desire to excel – From the most junior developer to the most senior one or even the CEO of the company, we all try to get better and learn every day. Maybe not everybody loves unconditionally everything they do, but we all are aware that all of us need and want to improve. We are humans, we make errors (everyone), but in SeSo we learn from them and we come back stronger. We don’t try to hide mistakes, but we all together try to learn from them.