“Interested in working for a growing multinational company in a fantastic team, with continuous training and fantastic projects for international clients?”

“Well, we’re hiring and we need more great people to join our team.”

Continuous Training
Our top developer Ted gives 2 or 3 courses / week to all the staff and we offer free online training for all our staff in the technology they want.
Great location
Our offices are right in the heart of Triana, with an amazing roof terrace to relax and enjoy lunch
Great Projects
We work with huge multinational companies and build great webs and apps. This year our work has been presented to royalty, heads of state and all the movers in the US tech industry.
We work 100% flexi time. We understand everyone has a personal life so you can work the hours you want and even remote work if you want
Amazing Team
We work together in one big happy team. Working with us is fun.
Free Coffee
Free coffee, tea and breakfast on Fridays. Programmers are fuelled by coffee so we have plenty of it. On Fridays we’ll also fill you up with croissants, pastries and ham and cheese

Who are we looking for?

Current vacancies (26 July 2017)


React Native developer

We are currently expanding our mobile app development team and we are looking for an experienced React Native developer to join our great mobile team. If you have worked in React or React Native please give us a call.

Any candidates need to be an expert in React, Redux, React Native, CSS, Git. Competent in XCode and the Android SDK.

You must also be able to speak and write great English – the interview will be in English.

We are ideally looking for a full time contract but will consider people who want to work freelance too.

If you do not have the required experience or completed projects but you are keen to learn React please send on your CV as we are always interested in building our team with great developers.


Senior PHP Developer

The Senior PHP Developer will have worked with multiple web application frameworks and CMSs including (ideally):

(any) Laravel, Zend Framework, CakePHP, CodeIgnitor, Yii, Fusebox
(any) WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Mediawiki

In short, we’re looking for someone who has had it with reinventing the wheel and insists on implementing DRY solutions based on proven code libraries, libraries that produce valid HTML5 and JavaScript.

The ideal candidate, rather than throwing darts with their eyes closed and calling that “debugging”, uniquely and unequivocally identifies the problem, often by using tail on the logs, and plans the tests to be used to confirm the source of the problem before writing any code intended to fix it. And in a perfect world, you will write the documentation for your namespaced classes first, followed by unit tests, and only then will you write the actual code.

In short, we’re looking for developers with experience in professional environments who understand the value of planning and proper research and the costs associated with failing to do either. Participation at any level, even Quality Assurance (beta testing), in open source projects is greatly valued.


Junior PHP Developer

We are looking for a Junior PHP Developer, with 1 or 2 years of experience.

The candidate will have worked with common frameworks and CMSs adding or modifying default functionality by following industry standard best practices.

The creation of custom frameworks and libraries is interesting but we’re really looking for people smart enough to find code that already does what they want with only minor modifications.

The ideal candidate has a keen eye for detail, reads documentation for fun ( in particular), and understands GIGO. Exposure and a solid foundation in CSS and JavaScript is also valued.

If you only have a little experience and are looking at training to become a great web developer please contact us directly and ask about our training academy.


Web, mobile and UI Designer

We are looking for an experienced, talented designer to join our great team working on designs for webs and mobile apps for some of the biggest companies in the UK and the USA.

Your future role will include:
-Designing user interfaces
-Creating web page layouts
-Creating mobile app layouts

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator and a prototyping tool of their choice. They will be able to create intuitive user interfaces and eye catching designs with a focus on usability.

They will have experience of converting high level specifications into clickable wireframes and then beautiful designs.


Trainee Project Manager

We are looking for a keen first language English speaker to join our team to train as a project manager and account manager for our UK clients.
The role will include

  • Account management
  • Basic IT support
  • Project Management

Prior experience in project management is preferred but not essential as we will provide full training.

The ideal candidate will

  • Be exceptionally organised
  • Have an excellent phone and email manner
  • Confident with IT
  • Be first language English

The role will include managing IT teams and UK clients therefore ideally the candidate will have experience in web design and app design and be conversational in Spanish. However this is not essential.


Junior DevOps Developer / RoR

Secret Source Technology is seeking a Jr. DevOps person to assist with development, deployment and maintenance of modern web applications. In this position the ideal candidate will assist in setting up a complete continuous integration environment and be able to write automated UA and end-to-end tests in node.js or similar (TestCafé, Phantom.js, Chrome headless, Circle CI, etc.) based on test criteria and other documentation. Additionally, the DevOps person will assist in the creation and maintenance of deployment scripts, Vagrant machines and Docker containers.

In a perfect world, the DevOps Engineer is multilingual, feeling equally comfortable in a variety of languages (and platforms), and confronts challenges with optimism and a “can do” attitude. The technologies we use on a regular basis and that we expect the DevOps Engineer to use include bash, python, node.js, and capistrano to name a few. The types of projects we work on include Ruby on Rails (RoR), Laravel, ASP.NET (C#), node.js and front end technologies such as React, ReactNative, and Bootstrap-based HTML. One of the unique challenges we are hoping to overcome by filling this position will be the automated UA and end-to-end testing of mobile apps.

The ideal candidate must have:
-Prior experience developing in an Agile team environment and be comfortable with the common Ruby toolset (Capistrano, Rake, Rubymine et al) and support tools (Jira, Git, Google Docs)
-They must also be experienced with common web development tools html, haml, coffescript, sass.
-Skill with debugging (running a trace and logging) is greatly valued as is experience writing unit tests.
-Must be able to speak and write English as all documentation and communication will be in English.

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Aythami RamírezTed Stresen-ReuterRuyman RodríguezRaúl Alcañiz
Secret- source es una empresa que me encanta. Me encanta trabajar aquí, el ambiente de trabajo es de lo mejor que he encontrado. Aparte me encanta el compañerismo y el trabajo en sí, ya que me hace esforzarme cada día para mejorar y conseguir los retos que se van presentando día a día.
Flex time and competitive salaries, along with a great cast of coworkers make this an excellent place to work.
Es muy gratificante trabajar en Secret Source. Debido a la diversidad del trabajo realizado, pertenecer a este grupo de programadores y en este ambiente me ayuda a mejorar como desarrollador a la vez que realizo el trabajo.
Muy buenos compañeros y muy buen ambiente de trabajo. Se agradece el entrar a trabajar cada día y sentir el compañerismo y la buena vibración entre todo nuestro equipo.