We walk to help raise funds for local breast cancer charities

3rd October 2018

Founded in 2012, the annual coast-to-coast Long Walk has grown into one of Gran Canaria’s largest fundraising events, with hundreds of people taking part in the 3 day walk, which traditionally ends at one of island’s southern resort towns.

As longtime friends of the organisers we’ve always supported The Long Walk in any way we could. This year we wanted to contribute a little more and came up with the idea of matching the sponsorship money raised by any Secret Sourcer signing up – and giving them a day off to take part.

Six of our best accepted the challenge, headed off to find some sponsors and, on the 28th September, joined up with the core group of walkers for the first day of this year’s event.

As you’d expect from a coast to coast walk, we started down by the beach, in the historic town of Telde on Gran Canaria’s east coast. Once the customary photos and safety instructions were complete we were off, up through the winding streets of Telde’s famous old town and into the island’s foothills.

Within an hour we were lost. Some intense Secret Source banter meant we’d fallen behind the main group and reaching a fork in the path, with no map or view of our co-walkers, we held our first stand up of the day, deciding to go left.

Long Walk Gran Canaria

Wrong call. We spent the rest of the morning hunting down our fellow fundraisers, finding them just in time for an excellent picnic lunch and some outstanding views at the El Troncon picnic site. After a leisurely break the rest of our afternoon was passed at a gentle pace, enjoying the scenery, each other’s company and some of the inspirational stories of the people taking part.

As the sun began to sink we reached the ancient mountain village of Tenteniguada, the end of day one for the main group and of our own contribution to their goals. Just time for a quick beer and a selfie before bidding farewell to our new friends and heading for home.

We wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who took part in this year’s Long Walk, especially those who completed the full 3 day hike and to say a big thanks to Eddie Timon, who does a great job in making the event such a fantastic success every year.

From Secret Source, props go to Inma, Zaida, Raul, Matt, Richard and Enrico, who raised more than €700 for a really good cause that we all support.