Why you need to bookmark our Meetup and Events pages

11th August 2018

Having a bit more space in the new offices means we’ve been able to expand our in-house talks and seminars, welcoming more of the local coding community to Secret Source HQ. We’re also hosting many of the local Las Palmas tech meetups held every week, including regular groups discussing RoR, PHP, AI, Python and REACT.

We’re becoming one of the hottest Meetup venues in Las Palmas

Our first Ted’s Talk at the end of August attracted more than 20 local programmers, which for a sunny afternoon when the surf was up we were very pleased with. Since then one of the Secret Source team, or an invited guest, has presented a weekly discussion highlighting a skill they want to share with the community.

las palmas meetups

Every Ted’s Talk (named after our cofounder by the way) takes place in our large meeting area and is followed by an informal question and answer session. So as well as learning new skills guests have the chance to quiz speakers, make new friends and network with like-minded professionals.

Everybody’s welcome to attend and we’re on the hunt for fresh presenters. So if you fancy presenting your own Ted’s Talk and sharing your knowledge with the local programming community, give us a call and we’ll book you in.

For more information on all the open events we hold check out our MeetUp page here or the upcoming events’ section on The Secret Source Facebook page here.