Secret Source working with UK energy supplier on innovation drive

1st November 2017


In September we started an exciting 3 month innovation drive with a major UK energy supplier and System Two in the UK. We are now 2 months in and we’ve launched over 20 websites and gathered some really interesting data.

The innovation drive comprises of building a series of RATs / smoke tests and developing a number of MVPs to test user demand for various ideas. Based on the data collected from the RATs ideas will be scrapped, modified or moved onto the next stage.

We will be working alongside the innovation team at System Two to formulate the ideas and sprints. In total we’ll be building more than 20 new websites and apps.

We released the first RAT within a day, gathering click through rates and sign ups and we are currently building an exciting new mobile app, based on the data collected.

Over the last year we’ve spent a lot of time improving our understanding of – and the processes of building – RATs/MVPs. We now have a dedicated team consulting and building apps and websites for a number of UK companies. We have also created our own proprietary templates and automated systems to allow us to build and deploy new websites and apps within hours of initial concept. So our users can now get almost instant feedback on their ideas.

If you’re unsure what an MVP is check out our article “Agile development explained – In a way that everyone can understand

If you’d like to find out more about our MVP / RAT service please don’t hesitate to contact us.