Rebranding one of America’s leading business resources

11th October 2018

With more than 900k hits a year, the ‘Top 200’ brand is the most successful online project operated by the Nation’s Restaurant News group. It’s one of America’s leading resources for food service professionals in search of comprehensive performance information within the industry.

But advances in technology, increasingly sophisticated customer expectation and competitor innovation, meant NRN’s offering was losing ground to other players in the sector. Minimal digital investment over recent years threatened their credibility as a reliable provider and restricted the quality of data they could provide.

NRN TOP 200Our solution involved relocating the entire Top 200 platform to its own standalone domain,, creating an exclusive focus on presenting their business data in an engaging way. We used WordPress API with a React front end, to deliver a high degree of customisation, allowing users to sort, filter and produce customised reports in a variety of formats.

In the backend, editors now have easy options to upload and edit information, update existing projects and publish fresh content via a bespoke dashboard. Website visitors have unparalleled access to a vast digital library of historical performance data with a wide choice of viewing formats.

The newly created Top200NRN website is probably the most comprehensive online research tool documenting America’s top restaurant vendors and suppliers. Capable of delivering up to date figures on turnover, growth, reach and rank, it returns the Nation’s Restaurant News group’s benchmark product to America’s leading resource for business intelligence in the foodservice industry.

For a better look at our work and some fascinating insights into America’s eating habits, check out the new Top 200 Restaurants website here.

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