We launch revolutionary new app for pregnant mothers

5th September 2017

mockup_salurateEvery so often we have the privilege of working on world-changing technology, that has the potential to save or improve thousands of lives.

Over the last year we have been helping Morgan Innovation and Technology develop a new mobile app for their revolutionary healthcare product Salurate. Salurate is a real game changer – a product that predicts pre-eclampsia in pregnant women months earlier than current methods.

Pre-eclampsia is a condition that affects expectant mothers resulting in high blood pressure. It occurs in around 5% of pregnancies and can have serious health implications for both mother and baby.

Used together with Morgan’s Salurate device, the app we’ve developed provides a quick, safe and easy way to test for pre-eclampsia – alerting users of a problem much earlier than is currently possible.

The Salurate app is already available in the App Store and is currently the subject of clinical trials in Scandinavia and Asia.

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