Why some of the world’s biggest websites are switching to React JS?

1st March 2017

So just what is React JS and why should you be using it?

what is react jsWith the recruitment of another expert to our React JS development team, we’d like to explain a little more about the platform many experts predict will become industry standard for web and mobile apps.

Originally known as React.JS, it’s an open source management system that allows us to build visually rich and engaging web applications quickly and efficiently, without the need for huge amounts of coding.

It’s a high-performing, advanced and extremely scaleable library – based on JavaScript – that provides a powerful, lightweight platform for building complex and responsive web products with very fast render times.

Why are some of the world’s biggest websites choosing it?

The framework of choice for a growing number of the world’s busiest dynamic websites, including Netflix, Feedly and AirBnB, the increasing versatility of React makes feature-rich design an affordable option for businesses of any size.

Key to functionality is the ability to split products – or pages – into separate components that can be recycled and used multiple times. This dramatically cuts development time allowing for a smarter architecture, capable of adapting to future change, combining with other frameworks and implementation in a range of instances.

What are the advantages?

Fast acquiring a reputation for its flexibility and simplicity, React is much lighter than similar front-end frameworks and considered by many to be the future of web development. Originally created by Facebook – for the development of its Instagram app – it’s now ‘open-source’ with a huge following among programmers, resulting in a vast library of resources.

Well suited for responsive web applications and the inclusion of interactive or real time content into existing websites, at its core React JS is about building small, self-contained components that can easily be updated, combined into larger elements and reused.

Practically speaking, a single code edit can implement platform-wide change. This makes it a real game changer for both the development community and businesses who rely on quick turnaround, live testing or rapid prototyping.

Interested in using React for your next project? Drop us an email.

What is React good for?

Especially useful in dynamic situations, where data is periodically refreshed or depends on user engagement, React has the ability to store the current state of an application internally, only re-rendering content when it changes. In effect only updating the data that has changed and leaving everything else undisturbed.

Advanced applications have always struggled with the issue of updating their content, typically requiring a trigger to initiate changes. But React is more intuitive, creating interactive and reusable UI components, which work together and perform equally well on both client and server sides.

Why developers love it

For React developers the main advantage is that it’s very easy to see how individual components render and to edit the code within them, experiment with layout and the way various elements react with each other.

The real strength of the React UI is that various components such as buttons, form fields and backgrounds are modular, divided into small recyclable components with well-defined interfaces. This means they can be used repeatedly without duplicating code, dramatically cutting development time – while changes are replicated across every instance.

The benefits of building your next product with React

The fact that so many major internet players are turning to React clearly shows it has a strong future, while its open source status means functionality continues to grow at a rapid rate as developers add new features.

Developers enjoy working with React. It gives them the freedom to experiment, push boundaries and deliver feature-rich, visually engaging and robust products at affordable prices, without compromising on inferior code.

Lightweight, infinitely scaleable and very easy to manage.

The working advantages of React JS

By breaking down a website or app into robust and reusable modules, that can be universally managed across an entire platform, delivery, maintenance and support times are slashed.

Unlike most JavaScript frameworks React is actually good for SEO and visibility. Traditionally search engines struggled to read Javascript applications, but by rendering directly to the browser React is viewed as a regular web page.

For business the potential for developing web presence is limitless. Having the ability to prototype or test new ideas reusing key elements means significantly lower costs and a much faster turnaround time.

Where can you find reliable React JS developers?

Right here. At Secret Source we have a dedicated team of developers, using cutting edge technologies to deliver innovative front end solutions.

Meet the Secret Source React.JS Development team

Óscar Santiago is our resident guru. Responsible for some of our most innovative work. He’s been with the platform since Facebook made it open source back in 2013 and is an expert problem solver.

With more than 20 years experience developing games and apps John Bicknell has an encyclopedic knowledge of JavaScript and ‘converted’ to React 3 years ago, joining the Secret Source team in early 2016.

Inma González is our newest React specialist. With more than 6 years experience as a developer she continues to lead the Secret Source php team. But as demand for React grows she now divides her time managing projects across both platforms.

Why hire us?

NHS-web-bedsOur reputation, for pixel perfect coding and rigorous testing, means our work doesn’t just look incredible, it’s also functional, secure and trusted by some of the biggest companies on the web.

If you’d like to see more examples of our work (like this smart banking app), or discover how delivering a faster, richer and more engaging online experience could help your business do better business, we’d love the chance to tell you more.

Drop us an email or give us a call and ask for Richard or Rachel, they’ll explain everything.