Secret Source grows to 7 and opens The House co-working centre

1st October 2015

After just one year, Secret Source has grown from 3 developers to 5 full time programmers and a PM. Richard, Ted and Mark have been joined by Yeray, Inma and Oscar in the PHP team and Aythami in the Ruby on Rails team.

The House coworking

As our team has got bigger we’ve outgrown our old place so we’ve moved into the first floor of a 500 year old building in the historical Triana district in Las Palmas. Situated above a coffee shop in a quiet pedestrian street just 10m off the main shopping area, we think it may be the perfect location for an office here in Las Palmas. At the moment the office is a little big for us so we’ve opened a co-working centre too. Meet The House.

Our new offices are great. We’ve got plenty of space, a huge roof terrace where we’ve built a pergola for lunches and daily meetings (and hung a hammock, should we need a little break during the day), we’ve got a quiet room (no mobiles allowed), a meeting room for our video conferences and a great chill out area at the back where we informally discuss new projects on the sofa. We want everyone here to feel as comfortable at work as they do at home so we’re furnishing it with some fantastic vintage furniture from Polonium.

For more information on our new offices take a look at our website