Secret Source launches new Marketing Automation team

14th June 2017

sharpspringMay was another big month for us as we brought our new automated marketing team online. Our brief was to simplify digital communication for clients and increase their lead conversions.

We spent a long time checking out all the leading marketing automation platforms, test-driving many of them ourselves, before finally deciding on Sharpspring, with its strong emphasis on measuring user engagement and the collection of behavioural data.

Creating laser-focused email campaigns, collecting incredibly useful analytical data and the opportunity to personalise your message according to the profile of a lead, are just a few of the options we now offer.

We can help put automated marketing back in your hands, providing all the tools you need to drive digital sales in-house. Alternatively our qualified team can manage the entire process for you, with an advanced online marketing resource, including;

  • Lead nurturing – deliver tailored content to your visitors based on their profile
  • Detailed analytics, lead valuation and easy marketing ROI
  • Rock solid email delivery, list management, segmentation and reporting
  • Cost per lead, visitor engagement, tracking and scoring
  • Custom contact forms, landing pages and email templates
  • Regular reporting and simple, intuitive client dashboards
  • Seamless integration with hundreds of 3rd party business applications
  • All work carried out by our certified Sharpspring team

Building an accurate, up to date picture of the people visiting your website, or reading your offer, makes it so much easier to focus on what they want and increase conversions.

If you have any questions, or want to learn more about our automated marketing services, feel free to give our awesome digital marketing team a shout.