Secret Source launches new web app for Regus for World Earth Day

21st April 2015

Regus is the world’s largest provider of office space and executive suites in the world. With over 3000 offices in almost every country they are truly multinational company. So when they asked us to produce a web app for World Earth Day we jumped at the chance.

portfolio_regus-550x412The brief was to produce an app where users could see how the users could help the environment  if they worked from a Regus office.

We designed and built a great app, where users simply entered their home address and their work address and stated what transport they used to get to work and the app did the rest. Using information from Google maps and global prices of fuel and transport, the app calculated how much money, time, CO2 and trees a user would save if they worked from a Regus office.

The app was a huge success with thousands of users and tweets on World Earth day.

Edit October 2015: As this was a short term promotion the app has been taken offline however you can now view the app on