We welcome new developers, a PM and UX / designer.

1st May 2016

Since moving into our new offices Secret Source has been slowly growing and there are now 11 of us and soon to be 12.

Secret Source main office

In the last 6 months we’ve welcomed Raúl to the Ruby on Rails team, Ruyman and Laura to the PHP / WordPress team, Pablo as a designer /UX and Barrie for project management and SEO. In the next month we hope to add a new iOS developer to join Oscar in the mobile team. We now fill the big table at 200grs for our monthly organic burger meal and hopefully next year we’ll fill the whole top floor.

We are always looking for new developers and are currently hiring junior and senior PHP developers and react JS developers for the mobile team. We are also looking for a part time PM. If you’re interested and want to become part of our great team please give us a shout.