Secret Source work with new Airbnb for office spaces and the new Facebook?

1st May 2015

Every so often we get to work on projects that may change the internet. Great ideas that if launched at the right time and in the right place could be massive. Over the past few months we’ve created the websites for and Tribes phone

6tribes is a social network based on your interests. You join “tribes” based on what you like so your news feed is only full of what you want and you get to meet people that share your loves. There are groups for coffee lovers, tech geeks, car spotting and food porn. Based in London, could this take a small chunk from the FaceBook juggernaut? Check out their app on the iOS app store.

cu-cuCu Cu is a great idea which matches empty real estate with people looking for short term office needs. Many large commercial buildings lay empty for months or years between tenants while the property owner loses money and the building deteriorates. At the same time there are hundreds of start ups that can’t afford the high rental prices in London. Meet Cu Cu, an innovative app that matches empty properties with potential short term clients who will pay all the bills while the building stays unoccupied.

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