How to scale, react and deliver software faster without blowing your budget

1st April 2018

Nigel Clarke, CEO at Morgan IAT, explains how he found us and why he loves working with Secret Source.

About Morgan IAT

Based in Hampshire, Morgan IAT is a British company that has been working with Secret Source since the middle of 2015. We specialise in the design, development and manufacture of new products, principally in the field of medical equipment. Core to our mission is the desire to deliver innovation that has a positive impact on society and improves people’s lives.

We’re a family run business that’s grown steadily over the last 3 decades, to the point where we now employ more than 40 staff. Much of Morgan’s early success was built around our flagship Neurotherm product, which still leads the market in neck and back pain relief.

What we do

As the company continues to expand, an increasingly important part of our work includes partnering up with smaller companies and solo innovators to help nurture their own products. The Morgan IAT team are very proud to have helped a growing list of breakthrough ideas to the marketplace, including RealSim, a haptic feedback glove that’s shaping the future of VR, the Patrol 360-degree panoramic camera and Pulseboot, a device to aid the treatment of diabetic ulcers.

Secret Source programmers have provided support on more than a dozen Morgan projects over the last 2 or 3 years, giving us the freedom (and technical depth) to take on even the most demanding new challenges.

Like Salurate, a salivary test for pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, which saw their programmers develop a mobile app that can determine uric acid levels from saliva tests, uploading results to a central server and alerting medical staff when necessary. Part of their work involved building a custom algorithm to manage the process.

How we came to be working with Secret Source

As two-time winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and a finalist in the Institute of Engineering Emerging Technology Awards, we recently celebrated Morgan’s 30th anniversary by launching our own annual competition for new innovation. The inaugural MIAT Prize, along with £30,000 in development funding, was won by Scottish startup Mobi Dx. They’re the team behind a revolutionary new device that provides point-of-care diagnostics for early detection of diseases, by profiling single droplets of blood on a smartphone.

It’s impossible to imagine Secret Source programmers won’t play a part in our journey with Mobi DX, as we work with them to take rapid blood testing to areas in desperate need of improved healthcare.

What we really needed was flexibility and expertise

While we’re primarily involved in the design, prototyping and manufacture of complex hardware, we’d always maintained our own small team of developers – to manage the software, programming and associated tech of the products we build.

But finding exactly the right people to fit had been frustrating us for years. When our last programmer left, almost 3 years ago, we decided to try a different approach and began the search for a technical partner to outsource our various software projects to.

We asked ourselves 3 important questions:

How can we scale?
How can we react quicker?
How can we deliver faster?
Due to the sheer variety and scope of work we’re involved with, flexibility and an extremely broad set of skills were vital. We needed a company who could fill the gaps we encountered, as and when they appeared.

Secret Source proved to be the perfect fit

Projects we’ve collaborated on include iOS and Android apps, an embedded Windows interface (built in C#) and Secret Source are currently building 3 new websites – for products we have in the pipeline. They managed the rebuild of our new Morgan website (including the design of our new logo), conduct occasional PPC ad campaigns for us and run our SEO.

As our relationship with them has developed, we’ve been able to draft in extra programmers as needed. Senior management from Morgan IAT have been over to the Secret Source offices in Gran Canaria to oversee new projects, while several of their developers and project managers have spent time at Morgan HQ, here in the UK, working with our designers.

working with Secret Source”Diversification is key to our company and having a tech partner like Secret Source – who we can turn to for anything we’re not able to manage in-house – is vital in helping us secure new business, penetrate new markets and remain competitive. They’re always there when we need them, offering a cost-effective and brilliant solution to our problems.”

Nigel Clarke. CEO, MORGAN IAT

Sounding familiar?

Is your company being held back by similar problems? Maybe you struggle to bridge the skills gap or manage digital projects in house. If so, get in touch with us.

We’d love the chance to chat, gain an understanding of your business, uncover its challenges and pain points then work with you to create a solution that provides value and ROI.
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