Edward Timon


A polymath, with a wide ranging passion for history, and a deep seated reverence for Experience Dependant Neuroplasticity; Eddie has been an eloquent and agile communications professional for more than 25 years.

From punting down the Cambridge backs, to teaching English and computing in Greece; from the Cambridge Science Park, to working with major corporations such as the UK’s first commercial internet provider Uniplam PIPEX, he moved into the heady world of London media and television production, before starting his first business in the late 90s.

Having spent 16 years in the print publishing industry, 10 of those as Editor-in-Chief of an English language newspaper in the Canary Islands, he has a nuanced understanding of various social issues, the wider political landscape, and a solid grasp on crafting imagery that works to improve comprehension across broad audiences.

Outside of the office he works towards community buildingĀ  and is the founder of a charitable association raising tens of thousands for local causes, and loves trail hiking, good cheese, red wine and planting trees at his mountain wilderness retreat, looking out to sea, on the Atlantic island of Gran Canaria. He believes it takes a whole village to raise a child.