The unsung heroes of Secret Source

2nd May 2023

Everyone knows Bono from U2, but who can name the drummer? Ask anyone to name the Argentina football team from the 2022 World Cup final and they’ll say Lionel Messi, but who will remember the name of the left-back Nicolás Tagliafico? In IT companies it’s the same: the developers get all the recognition and glory but behind the scenes there’s a team that keeps the company together. Today we’re recognising the unsung heroes in Secret Source and holding them high in the air and saying a big thank you!


Project Manager

If you were to ask chatGPT to design the perfect project manager, it wouldn’t be too different from our Ivanka. Organised, motivating and with a great sense of humour. Ivanka manages many of our teams and works really closely with our clients. She is super popular in Secret Source and regularly wins our superstar of the month and she’s a firm favourite of our clients. Outside of work you’ll find her avoiding the kitchen and any place where she has to cook. She’s the company expert in not wasting time cooking and spending that time doing more fun things. 



In every company you need that infallible, organised team member to keep those books in order and make sure everyone gets paid on time. Steffanny is that person in Secret Source. Working quietly in the background she makes sure the Secret Source machine keeps running smoothly every day. You won’t meet a nicer, friendlier person. Her wonderful smile and super calm demeanour have the power to lift anyone.  


Information Security Manager

Our applications are used by thousands and thousands of people and we need their data to be as safe as possible. Meet Todd, our Information Security Manager in charge of our ISO 27001 certification. Organised, meticulous, and not afraid of writing a policy or two, he makes sure everything we do keeps our clients’ data nice and safe. He claims he’s the best padel and chess player in the office, I’m not sure about that; but for TV and film trivia no one can touch him.


WordPress Developer / Designer

If we were being strict, Juan shouldn’t be on this page as he’s our WordPress guru and is a bit of a whizz at CSS but as Juan works on almost every team we felt he needed a special mention. As an ex-graphic designer, he does a lot of our social media imagery and produces all the videos we make. He is also in charge of our own website and many of our clients’ WordPress sites too. Basically if we have a problem and no-one else can help we call on Juan’s skills. His yoga, meditation and overly healthy diet means he’s never fazed by anything.


UI / UX designer

If ever anyone needed an example of how kindness can lift a team, just watch Charlotte in action. She is the kindest, nicest person you will ever meet. With a degree in fine art and a real understanding of how people use IT, she is also an incredibly talented graphic designer and UX designer. When she’s not making us all smile in the office she’s rescuing another cat or dog and caring for them in her apartment.


Account manager

Our number one KPI is our team and client happiness and Sarah is the one making sure our wonderful clients have a smile on their face every month. Yes, she’s worked for over 15 years in Nvidia and Microsoft and has experience in almost every role in tech but it’s her down-to-earth people skills and her genuine care for our team and our clients that sets her apart. If you’re ever wandering around a remote village in the middle of Spain, where no foreigners are ever seen and you see a British girl enjoying the local festivities, that’ll be Sarah.



After twenty years managing HR teams in the City of London, Nayra joined us in 2021. We cannot overstate the difference she has made to Secret Source. She transformed our company, and to this day we still pinch ourselves that she chose us. With hundreds of interviews under her belt she is officially 5 stars. If you ever need to get in her good books there’s only one word you need to know … Hamilton.



Every company needs a leader but very few have one that genuinely cares about everybody in that company as if they were family. She is the true definition of a servant leader: she listens to us, empathises with us, trusts us and empowers us. She is an inspiration to all of us. She claims she makes the best brownies in the world; we don’t know about that but we’ve never tasted any that are better. 

If you’re interested in how we work, how we’ve built our happiness-first culture as well as how we’re continually challenging ourselves to make a happier company, please follow us on LinkedIn to get regular updates on our progress, and, if you’re curious as to how far we’d go at Secret Source to keep our team happy, check out the interview with our founder on The Karmic Capitalist podcast.