We update our iOS Walking App with new designs

1st November 2014

Secret Source updates our iOS walking app

We build a lot of mobile apps for others but none for ourselves. We wanted to learn about building and marketing our own app so we could help others when we built apps for them so Walking Gran Canaria was born.

secret-source-mobile-appAt Secret Source many of us are regular visitors to the beautiful mountains of Gran Canaria so we thought a good app to start with would be one that we’d all benefit from and that would benefit the island we live in. We’re also very keen to promote exercise and healthy living so we set about building an app that provided GPS guided walking routes throughout the island. the first fully GPS guided walking app available anywhere in the world!

We teamed up with Rambling Roger, Gran Canaria’s leading English speaking walking guide to produce 25 circular routes around the island.

The app is great. We love it and use it all the time. You just find the route you want to go to, ask it for directions to the start and it opens up Apple maps and gives you driving directions. When you get to the start of the route, just press go and the app takes over. At every turning it will beep and vibrate and tell you, with the help of a photo where you need to go. No need for maps, GPS or a compass. It really is very simple.

When we initially launched it, we had 1000 downloads in a month, that has dropped off a little now but we still have hundreds of new users a month and many using it every week.

We’re not going to replace Google maps or TomTom any time soon but the app is relatively successful, it got a lot of publicity on launch and has taught a huge amount about building and marketing apps. Knowledge that we have found invaluable when people come to us for advice.

More details can be found on the walking app website walking-app.com and the app can be downloaded from the app store here.