Webinar: How to build a company with happiness as a KPI

2nd October 2023

On 27th September, we hosted a webinar on how we built a company with happiness as its main KPI.

In this webinar, we talked about the experiences of building a “happiness first” company, the challenges we faced, and the lessons we learnt along the way.

If you are interested in the science of happiness in the workplace, if you want some real life examples of implementing happiness policies or just want to hear how to actually build a company with happiness at its centre, this webinar is for you.

Topics that were covered included:

▶️ The importance of measuring happiness and how to do it

▶️ The importance of feeling part of a team

▶️ How we built a flexible company that works for everyone

▶️ The importance of psychological safety in creating happy teams

View the full webinar:

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