Webinar: Remote leadership – How to run a remote team

13th April 2023
Run your remote team as a superhero!

On April 26th, we’re sharing our secrets on how to work with a remote team.

Managing a remote team is difficult. Even ChatGPT’s suggestions are quite bland. Don’t worry though! If you want insider secret tips to manage a team well, we’re here to save the day.

On April 26th, we’re running a webinar on remote leadership and how to run a remote team. 

We’ll be talking about …

  • How to set expectations so everyone really is on the same page
  • How not to micromanage 🙂
  • How many meetings do you really need
  • How, as a leader, can you learn to trust your team
  • How to avoid miscommunication

And, of course, how to build psychological safety.

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