Is WitWoo the future of dating? We release our first dating app

9th May 2017

witwoo-appOver the last 6 months we’ve been designing and developing WitWoo. A new “meeting” app that is aiming to turn the world of internet dating on its head. We are eagerly awaiting its launch.

WitWoo takes a different approach to dating as it believes you actually have to meet someone to decide if you want to go on a date, so rather than right swiping through thousands of profiles in your house, you go out to a pub or club, and meet someone the ‘old-fashioned’ way.

Just check in, see who’s in the same place, “like” the people you like and wait for fate to take its course. If you get a match you’ll be told and the app will show you a basic profile with help from the other person to break the ice.

WitWoo is different from most similar apps as it helps you meet people exactly where you are. Is this the future of dating? We’ll soon find out.

WitWoo is currently being tested in various venues across London and will soon be launched nationwide. Keep an eye out for the name.

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